Straight and pencil skirts

I followed a few tutorials and made a couple of skirts. Well right now I have one finished and the other one in progress.

Baby blue and brown flannel straight skirt

I used a straight skirt tutorial here for my sister’s skirt. I made it out of light blue and brown hound’s tooth cotton flannel. Hound’s tooth is one of her favorite patterns and the unusual color combination made her love it even more. The cotton flannel is perfect for our crazy Washington weather (hazy rain most of the year) and can be worn from fall until summer hits!


I took her measurements and just drafted the pattern right on the cloth since it was such a simple pattern and I was only making one. I used Love to Sew’s directions for a straight skirt. Pattern directions here and sewing directions here.

baby blue and brown flannel straight skirt

Stella's baby blue and brown flannel straight skirt

It has no slits and is just a nice flowy straight skirt with 8″ of ease as directed by the Love to Sew tutuorial.

Finished product and new owner looks happy with her skirt.







I’m working on a knit pencil skirt in a nice cotton poly blend in classic black for *shock* myself. I’ve promised myself to get something for me (that’s wearable, sloper doesn’t count in my book) done. I’m debating on adding a zipper to the back. I plan on having a single slit in the back and still wondering about the waistband if I add a zipper. Ahhh design decisions can be tough! Anywho I’m following What the Craft’s (for the record I love that name) tut here. Happy sewing! I’ll post pics once I get this one done.